Macaron Pattern Weights Tutorial

Macaron Pattern Weights Tutorial

I needed pattern weights so I was doing some research into making or buying them. I found some really cute polymer clay ones on Etsy but I am world’s biggest klutz (like I run into walls on a regular basis), and anything made from sculpey is pretty much doomed around me. Then I remembered these cute plastic macaron boxes I had seen on Amazon that I could turn into pattern weights. Those would stand a good change of surviving an unexpected trip to the floor!

macaron pattern weights

If you’re interested in making a set for yourself, here’s a super fast tutorial for making macaron pattern weights…

Purchase a set of mini macaron trinket boxes from Amazon. Make sure you get the plastic ones. The boxes with the hinge are made of some sort of porcelain or clay and break if dropped on the floor. (Ask me how I know…)

macaron pattern weights

You’ll also need to swing by your local home improvements store and pick up a pack of 1 inch washers. Each macaron box holds 9 washers so a set of 100 is good.

macaron pattern weights

Now just stack 9 washers in each macaron, and seal it shut with some glue. I love 2 part quick-set epoxy for projects like this. I also made sure to put some epoxy down the middle of the washers to glue them together, so they wouldn’t rattle around inside.

macaron pattern weights
macaron pattern weights

And that’s it! I love how cute they look! =D

macaron pattern weights

Macaron Pattern Weights Tutorial was originally published on Confused Kitty Creations


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