Avatar Halloween Costumes for the Family

Avatar Halloween Costumes for the Family

As I mentioned in my last Halloween costume post, I decided that we needed to do something as a family and this year’s costume set would be from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Marcus has a Zuko costume and I have a Mai costume. The Larva got Toph’s dress from The Blind Bandit episode, and the Grub got an airbender costume.

Toph dressBaby airbender

For the Toph dress, I used McCalls 6529 which is a shirred dress. I really like this pattern because you can do a number of alterations to it and make it look like a completely different dress each time. This is the same pattern I used for the Anna from Frozen dress.

McCalls 6529

I altered the length and took out the gathers in the skirt. I used a bolero jacket pattern for the top that goes under the dress and added a zipper to the back. For the flower applique, I drew up the design, machine embroidered it on 2 layers of fine net tulle, and sewed the applique to the front of the dress. I also Scotchguard-ed the dress. I’m hoping that will help keep the dress clean, but I’m sure the Larva will find a way to get dirt on it like she does with all her other clothes.

We went out in the costume over the weekend to snap some photos. Look, she even managed a pose with the Toph attitude!

Toph dressToph dress

For the Grub’s costume, I took a generic jumpsuit pattern and added on bits to mimic the airbender uniform. The blue arrow is a temporary tattoo that I printed on tattoo paper. She didn’t seem to be bothered by it which is good!

I guess the Grub could also be costuming as Aang, but I meant it to be just a generic airbender kid.

Baby airbender

I would like to state that we did not shave the Grub’s head for this costume. We shaved her head for a Chinese tradition and I figured if she was going to go around looking like a little monk, I might was well take advantage of it!

I hope to get photos of the entire family at the parade the Larva’s daycare is having on Friday.

Avatar Halloween Costumes for the Family was originally published on Confused Kitty Creations


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