Knitting Needle Roll

Knitting Needle Roll

Sewing with a newborn attached to you 24-7 hasn’t been easy but I’ve been making it work. I have mastered the art of sewing one handed while holding the Grub on a boppy pillow. Well, as long as it’s sewing in straight lines… =D

One of my recent projects is a thank you gift for my obgyn. I know she likes to knit, so I thought a Knitting needle roll would be perfect. Unfortunately I am not a knitter so I didn’t really have any idea what a knitter would need. Thankfully there are some wonderful tutorials out there for knitting needle rolls. I decided to use the one from Stitch Parade and to make the cover a quilted patchwork piece.

knitting needle roll

I’m very fond of this design with the rows of patchwork diamonds and I’ve used it for other bags. The cover fabric is Marie Antoinette By Deborah Edwards.

For the inside, I used cute bunny fabric from the Windsor Lane Collection by Bunny Hill. I don’t have any knitting needles, so I used chopsticks to test the pockets. =D

knitting needle roll

knitting needle roll

I used matching fabric to make the ties for the roll…

knitting needle roll

I actually made 2 of these knitting needle rolls because I wasn’t sure what color she would like. I figured I’d make one in pink as well and let her pick.

knitting needle rollknitting needle roll
knitting needle rollknitting needle roll

I think next time I’ll use a thinner batting for the cover so it isn’t so thick, but other than that, I’m pleased with how they came out. Hopefully my doctor likes it and can find a use for it!

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